·    There is now no need to phone in advance and we won’t be taking contact details from those attending but we would still ask that you exercise caution. Appreciate too that some people would still prefer to maintain some distance so let’s be sensitive and understanding.
·    We continue to remember the Ukraine crisis in our prayers and in view of developments would ask people to pray for all caught up in it and for restraint and wisdom for world leaders.
·    The Moderator of the General Assembly, Lord Wallace will be sharing in our service on Sunday 8th and there will be a simple lunch in the hall afterwards in support of the Church’s HIV Programme.

To assist those unable to access material via the internet we have established a phone line where people can phone in to hear the mini service or sermon.   

01674 902624.  

To hear the mini service people just need to dial in and wait. To hear the sermon, after dialling you need to press 1 then #.  In either case there is a few seconds delay while the message loads so tell folk not to hang up! If folk press 1 for the sermon before the intro finishes the system doesn’t pick up on it and it defaults to the mini service. The message now says wait until after the tone before pressing 1 but give it a few seconds after that and do press # after pressing 1.  
Sermon, prayers and news (or links to them) will be uploaded to our website
and the Old and St Andrew’s Facebook page.  Feel free to copy this and pass it on to Church members or friends who might not use the web or social media
There is now no need to phone in. We won’t be taking contact details. For the present, please continue to wear face coverings while moving around the church.
Please continue to pray for one another and support where you can and remember that the congregation is united in love wherever we are and however we are worshipping.   
Stay safe! May the Lord bless you!  

Rev Dr Ian A McLean