Worship Sheet for Sunday 22 March

Given that we aren’t able to gather for our regular service in Church I’m aiming to produce brief material to help us worship and share in some reflection, knowing that others in the congregation will be engaged too.

Call Lord God, we cry out for healing, for sight, for light!
Three lights for three weeks. We come to worship. We call on Jesus to light the way.

Pray Lord, we live in uncertain terms and if we are honest we are scared at what might happen, how it might affect us or our loved ones. The world seems to be going crazy. Remind us of your abiding love. Sustain us in trial and difficulty. Allay our fears and give us that peace which passes all understanding through your Son, Jesus Christ.
Forgive us our faults and failings including our tendency to rely more on ourselves than on you. Assure us of forgiveness in Jesus and of the promised presence of your Holy Spirit in the days ahead. Keep us close to you and one another in love, even if we are denied the same face to face meetings and give us the eyes of faith to see you are at work in our midst and the boldness to share in it.
The Lord’s Prayer : Our Father ….

Read Passage for the week – verses from John Chapter 9 – Jesus heals the man who was born blind

Thought Jesus went ahead and healed the man, blind from birth. That prompted a backlash from the authorities who were unhappy that it might point to the source of the healing being God. (That the healing took place on the Sabbath didn’t help). In those days illness and disability (esp from birth) was viewed as a punishment from God. The authorities initiated an investigation. The man’s response was clear – there were lots he didn’t understand but one thing he knew was “Once I was blind, now I see!” and he was in no doubt Jesus had healed him. There is much spiritual blindness around these days – even as Christians we may not be discerning the purposes of God as we should. Many people have little idea about Jesus – though we shouldn’t be pointing the finger at them – instead we’d be better showing them love and care, which in time might prompt them to ask why? In these uncertain times we need to look for spiritual clarity but in the meantime we can rest on the promises of God – Jesus said he would be with us always. Paul that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. I share some of your concerns but maybe we are being made to think about things that really matter – our friends and family, values, God, Jesus, our faith.

May the Lord bless you.
Praise Perhaps you could sing or read Hymn 555 Amazing Grace

Pray Loving God, we pray for our world in need, for the many people sick, dying, worried about the coronavirus. Bring peace and contentment, assurance to all in need; bless the efforts of health workers and scientists; give grace and wisdom to all involved in planning and decision making; watch over the vulnerable and lead us all to be more considerate and thoughtful in the way we treat one another. Bless our community and those particularly hard-hit and those who are “shut in”. Bless too our Church family even when we see little of one another. We continue our regular prayer walk remembering those who live in Angus Drive. We remember too mothers/grandmothers not seeing family today.
Hear and answer all our prayers through Jesus Christ your Son. Amen.