Worship Sheet for Sunday 10 May – I am the Way. Jesus – pattern for life

At a time when the road ahead looked very bleak Jesus offers his disciples a pattern for life that offered hope. Not a detailed step by step guide but an outline – that is still available to us now.

Call Lord God, as Jesus called his followers to the Way; walk with us, receive us even when we fail to give you our full attention, receive our hopes and our worship.
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Pray Lord, perhaps it’s a sign of weariness but these days it is so easy to become distracted, to fail to give full attention to what we’re doing, to what others are saying. We don’t always give you our full attention. In these moments, still our hearts and minds and allow us to let you in about. Without ignoring the clamant demands or circumstances, present or future, that make us anxious, help us to be still and to know that you are God and you really are with us. Refresh our vision, strengthen our faith, give us the hope we need not only to cope with loneliness, frustration or practical considerations but also to seek the spiritual resources we need to be your loving children in our day and age. Forgive us when we home in too much on ourselves, when we’re short with others, when we could be more considerate and thoughtful. Continue to work in us so that we might better relate to others, more closely follow the pattern your Son has set us and which his Spirit enables us to walk so that as individuals and together as your family we may shine a light on the good news of our Saviour even in these difficult days. Hear us as pray the Lord’s Prayer: Our Father… Amen.

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John Chapter 14:1-14. I am the way, the truth and the life.
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Thought: We turn the clock back a little to just before Easter when Jesus is preparing his friends to continue his ministry when he goes to be with his heavenly Father. Again Thomas shows his realism and practicality. “We don’t know the way”. (This pre-dates his encounter with Jesus after the resurrection). Jesus doesn’t dismiss his question but does try to get him to open up his thinking – beyond the practical nuts and bolts – to consider a more spiritual walk with God. He gives Thomas (and us) a principle rather than a route map. He, Jesus, is the true and living way. In his person, character and by his example he offers the pattern for life in step with God. Not a list of rules and regulations; not a to do list which we may tick off; not a series of hoops to jump through but a living pattern of attitude and behaviour which, with the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can share. Thomas isn’t the only one who is apt to focus on the practicalities (and there is a place for that) but we do need to broaden our thinking and perhaps even in the situation we are in just now give time, thought and prayer to some of the bigger questions such as what does Jesus want me/us/the congregation/the wider Church to be and to do going forward? How might we be more closely aligned with Jesus and his pattern for life? What may need to change? How can we get from where we are to where he wants us to be? Don’t let these questions depress you – let them excite you and encourage you to seek his leading and remember he is willing to journey with us.

Praise Will you come and follow me? CH4 533 Tune Kelvingrove
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Pray Heavenly Father, always ready to walk with and sustain your people, journey with us, enable us to walk with courage the road that you have set out for us; make us aware of those who journey with us; help us to offer encouragement and support and to be willing to receive the same – not least from your Son, who is the true and living Way. Watch over this world that you love. Draw near to those who feel forgotten, whose circumstances are hard to imagine. Broaden the vision of people the world over that we may be more outward in our thinking, more generous in our response and more joined up not only in countering the coronavirus, but in facing all of life’s challenges. On this 75th Anniversary of VE Day as a nation we give thanks for bringing us through dark times in the past and for those who did not live to see it. Bring us together in spirit that we may rise to the challenges and face the costs today. We pray for those putting themselves at risk to care and support others. Watch over the sick and those isolating. Bless all who are so dear to us and bless the wider community. In our regular prayer walk we pray for all at Dorward House, Fordmill and the Links Health Centre.

Hear and answer all our prayers, spoken and unspoken, through Jesus Christ your Son. Amen.
Blessing May the Lord bless you. Amen.