Worship Sheet for Sunday 24 May – Jesus’ prayer for us

As Jesus takes his leave of his friends he prays for them asking that his Heavenly Father would keep them, watch over them and bind them together with him so that they (and we) might share his glory.

Call Heavenly Father, as Jesus came from you and returned to you, welcome us,
receive our waywardness and our disobedience, receive our enthusiasm and our worship.
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Pray Lord, most of us find saying goodbye very difficult and all the more so when it involves bereavement, though even not being able to see one another for a time is proving to be hard enough. Help us to take encouragement from the way Jesus takes leave of his best friends. He is honest about the pain of parting, he doesn’t pretend that things will be all rosy – he shows empathy, understanding. But he prays for his friends; he seeks support for them from God so that they will be equipped for the future without him being physically on hand. Take us with our soreness at separation even when it is temporary. Be present especially with those who have lost a loved one recently – with things made even harder because of the restrictions. Draw us into your presence as well as to one another and deepen our togetherness even as we are apart. Make prayer real for us – however few the words – both praying and being prayed for. Make us worship meaningful even when we are not in the same building. Remind us that we are joined together in Christ and that the Spirit is our Friend, Advocate and Sustainer in 2020 as well in 1st century Israel. Forgive us when we mess up, when we are too turned in our ourselves. Help us to accept your love and your openness to others. Hear us as pray the Lord’s Prayer: Our Father… Amen.

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John Chapter 17:1-11. Jesus’ prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane
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Thought How did Jesus spend his last moments of freedom before his arrest? With his closest friends and with his Heavenly Father in prayer. He invited his friends to pray with him but he wasn’t too put out when they fell asleep. He knew their hearts were in the right place but they were exhausted. So, he prayed alone that God would watch over his friends and keep them; that he would fit them to continue his ministry and mission after his death. In fact, he asked God to give them the same glory he shared with his Father. That prayer has been answered – not only for the first disciples but for every follower of Jesus including us. Have we deserved it? Not really. Though we may not have fallen asleep on the job, we have taken our eye off the ball and failed to act as Jesus would. But he still loves us, he still relies on us to continue his work and he still sends his Spirit to help us. The Church doors are locked. But God is working in all of us to rise to the challenges and opportunities to continue his work. Whether by lifting the phone, sending a card, text, email, or other message or offering an act of kindness to a neighbour bit by bit we are sharing in God’s glory. We’re learners at some things but so what? We are not alone, we are in it together, with Jesus as well as with one another. Pray on for one another and remember you are being prayed for too. And Jesus prays for us all.

Praise CH4 489 Come down, O Love Divine
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Pray Heavenly Father, at times we imagine that we can manage fine by ourselves yet while a measure of independence is desirable, we can never do without your blessing and help. Remind us of the significance of prayer and its benefits. Uphold and keep in your tender and loving care those who are particularly hard hit at this time, those finding it hard to be apart from loved ones, those whose sorrow is deepened, those who are under real pressure at home and at work, those at more risk than most of contracting the virus and those for whom the consequences would be grave; those caring for others; those ensuring that things still happen even in lockdown; those making big decisions which affect us all; and for all of us as we seek to keep ourselves and others safe and as we make the best of what is proving to be a long time away from “normal”. Guide us forward at the right pace, lead us to be more mindful of others and help us to keep the door open to your peace which passes all understanding. In our prayer walk we pray for all in Bailie Wilson Way, Paterson Place and everyone who is working to provide us with food – growing, processing, transporting, selling and delivering.

Hear and answer all our prayers, spoken and unspoken, through Jesus Christ your Son. Amen.
Blessing May the Lord bless you. Amen.