Worship Sheet for Sunday 31 May – Pentecost

The Church throughout the world celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit in power. Jesus’ promised gift of his Spirit’s presence encourages and equips us all people to proclaim and live out the good news in our time.

Call God of life! As Jesus promised, you sent your Spirit to enrich our lives.
As we come to worship you today pour out your Spirit on us, that we may give you all we have: receive our worship, we pray.
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Pray Lord, life is so precious to us. We are literally bereft when it is taken from us. And in these days we’ve been made to think so much more about how precious are the gifts of life and health, friends and family. On this day of Pentecost, when your Spirit breathed new life into the early believers and gave them the ability and freedom to speak out and live out the good news of salvation in and through your dear Son, receive us with our strengths and weaknesses, our times of faith and instances of waywardness. Take us not for who we are or what we’ve done, but as friends of your Son, Jesus our Saviour. Forgive us we pray and breath your spiritual breath of life in each and every one of us, and collectively as the Church so that we may know the very real and near living presence and be encouraged and equipped to live to the praise of your glory, for Jesus’ sake and for the sake of the world which loved and came to save. And hear us as we pray together the pray he taught saying: Our Father…

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Acts Chapter 2 : 1-8, 14-18 & 21 The Coming of the Holy Spirit.
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Thought Churches in Scotland have at times barely mentioned the Holy Spirit – apart from the Benediction and in some hymns. And yet, the Spirit is not some weird spiritual fantasy which mainstream Christians can bypass and ignore. As we were thinking last week, the Spirit, is the Spirit of Jesus. Jesus’ gift to believers to draw us to Jesus, to enable us to love and be loved by him, to include us in the same fellowship as God enjoys and to equip us to live lives which please him and which proclaim his love and salvation to the world in word and action. The Spirit breathes life into the Church, into Christians. He makes Christianity a living faith rather than a dead religion. He enables us to worship a living Saviour and know his love and peace as a present day experience. We don’t need to understand or explain everything. Enough that he is Jesus’ gift to us and his sole aim is to glorify Jesus. How can we NOT have to do with him? A reminder too that we can’t control the Spirit, we can’t domesticate him to our ways. He is free to do his own thing, freely, imaginatively and sometimes surprisingly furthering the cause of Christ, the kingdom of God. Let’s latch on to his love, follow and share in where he is at work and so get to know Jesus and his purposes for our day better. Come Holy Spirit come.

Praise Spirit of the Living God CH4 619 and 620
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Pray Heavenly Father, send your Holy Spirit upon your Church we pray. Breathe life into our hearts and minds that we may know afresh the living experience of the risen Jesus in the challenges and opportunities of our time. Remove from us any apprehension of your Spirit and help us to see him as the Spirit of Jesus, intent only on encouraging and blessing his work. Amidst ongoing concerns and fears about the virus and how we might cope with opening things up again, how different life might be going forward, remind us that all things are in your hands and you go ahead of us. Draw near especially to those who desperately long for company, for freedom to hug their loved ones, to socialise, to sit down for a coffee, to go to a football match, to the pub, yes and to worship in Church. We’ll need to wait for some of these things and even then, they’ll be “different”. Give us patience and trust – for YOU aren’t going to be different, your love for us is constant. But maybe we need to be different – more understanding, content, trusting, loving, appreciative of and considerate towards others. Bless all who need your loving touch, the sick and those caring, the lonely and fearful, folks on the frontline, those preparing to open up, those working on tests, seeking a vaccine, those struggling to find work or to make ends meet and those in leadership. In our prayer walk we pray for all in Whitson Way, Silver Way & posties, couriers and those emptying bins.

Hear and answer all our prayers, spoken and unspoken, through Jesus Christ your Son. Amen.
Blessing May the Lord bless you. Amen.