Worship Sheet for Sunday 7 June – Spread the Good News – not the virus!

On Trinity Sunday the Church focuses on how God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit in their different persons combine to give us a rounded experience of love. The Trinity is in the Great Commission to empower us to spread the Good News to the world. And we’re going to take another look at it.

Call Life-providing giving God, we gather to praise you. Receive the humble praise we offer.
Lead-giving Christ, we gather to follow you. Guide us in your ways in our worship.
Love-sharing Spirit, we gather to grow. Nurture our faith we pray.
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Pray Lord, we’re not always sure about the Trinity. Help us not to worry about what we DON’T understand but rather to focus on what we DO know – that in your wonderful way you work together as Father, Son and Spirit to offer us your love in every aspect of our lives. You show us what love is, what trust is, what support and encouragement are – your love in Trinity gives us an example, an inspiration for relationship – with you as well as with one another. Yes, we might understand more and that would be great, but experiencing a relationship of love with you heavenly Father, through your Son, fostered by your Spirit is even better – and if that spills over to deepening relationships with one another how wonderful. We are not super human, we are not ideal disciples – we come with our flaws and weaknesses, but we come seeking forgiveness and love. Receive us in Jesus, restore us and equip us to serve you – to live to your Son’s praise and glory, spreading the good news with our words and in the way we live out our lives. And hear us as we pray together the Lord’s prayer: Our Father…

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Matthew 28:16-20. The Great Commission.
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Thought: We’re being allowed tentative steps out of lockdown. Not much change but it offers some hope even while concerns, worries remain. The closing verses of Matthew’s gospel – Go into all the world and make disciples, teach them, baptise them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and I will be with you to the end of the age. You can sense a handover of responsibility for sharing the good news from Jesus to the disciples - and with it the assurance of the power and blessing of God. The task was scary – How are we to manage? This is too much for us! A daunting obligation, but also very generous support and assurances. God’s people were being freed up for mission. Final year medical students and nurses graduated early set free to play their part in hospitals facing the onslaught of Covid 19. A baptism of fire, a huge learning curve, life changing experience, but supported by colleagues and forever something to look back on with a mixture of dread, relief and pride. It was tough, but they were there to help. God wants to free us up for mission. Jesus’ call and promise are for us as well as the early disciples. Mission:not shouting about Jesus or handing out tracts in the street but sharing our stories, getting alongside people, befriending, caring, sharing, demonstrating a Jesus-like compassion and love that encourages positive response. Backed by all the power of God. It would be great if we came through all this more able to spread the good news?

Praise: God whose almighty word CH4 112
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Pray Heavenly Father, we thank you for everyone who has risen to the challenges in these troubled times – for their commitment to care, to put themselves about for others, those who’ve been thoughtful and inventive, who’ve found solutions that have made a difference; who’ve inspired and encouraged. Give them all a sense of our gratitude and help us to be open to the changes you wish to make in us so that we may play our part to the full in community life as it opens up and in the cause of the gospel. Fit us so that we are set free from our hesitations and doubt, inspire us with the possibilities of being relevant and effective for your sake in a world that is changing so fast and which desperately needs assurance and direction – and loving kindness. Continue to watch over those in most need of your loving touch and help us to find ways of reaching out to them in prayer, word and action. Sustain us as weariness and frustration creep in. Keep us close to you and to one another. In our prayer walk we pray for all in Adams Way, Lamb Way & all supporting the bereaved, practically and spiritually. SILENCE

Hear and answer all our prayers, spoken and unspoken, through Jesus Christ your Son. Amen.
Blessing May the Lord bless you. Amen.