Worship Sheet for Sunday 14 June – We’re in it together - Mission!

Three months into the restrictions we reflect on what is means for us to be “in it together” and look for guidance in Jesus’ words to the first disciples sharing in his mission because we are in that together too.

Call: Back then there was the twelve. Here and now there is us. We are your disciples today and today we gather to worship you. Back then they followed you in the flesh. Today we follow in your Spirit. We are your disciples and today we gather to follow you. Back then there were but a few. Today we, numbering billions, are part of a worldwide Church. We are your disciples today and today we gather to serve you.
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Pray: Lord, it still seems strange not to be allowed to gather together in Church. Yet, we are reminded that we can worship you in spirit and that you accept us as well as our worship just as much at home; and we ARE together with you and one another even though we’re in our homes. And that is a real blessing. Help us to give thanks for the bonds we have in your Son, to remember one another including those who wouldn’t manage out even if the Churches were open. Our theme concerns being in it together, help us to keep one another in our prayers as well as our thoughts – and to include not just those we meet and see but all in need of your tender care. Challenges there are – and sometimes they seem to be beyond us – help us to do what we can and rather than worrying about what we CAN’T manage, to trust YOU to equip us to find solutions. Draw near to us as we worship you now, and stay with us as in our own places and in our own ways we play our part in living to share the good news of your love in word and action in these difficult times for the sake of Jesus who taught us to pray together saying : Our Father…

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Matthew 9:35-10:8. Jesus’ love for the world and sending his disciples out in mission.
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Thought: People sometimes talk as if God has washed his hands of us, of the world. You can understand that when tragedy comes to our own door or, as now, when the world is in such a state with the virus and other divisions including racism coming to a head. But God is with us – not steering us away from trouble but assuring us that he is with us even through our troubles. Psalm 23 a case in point. In our passage Jesus shows his compassion for people and calls his disciples to take his mission to the world, in word and action – going to wherever people were in need, not counting the cost. And he would be with them. We’re in it together. Some might say that is all very well if you’ve got an income, plenty food and space in your house – but it’s not the same for everyone. No, the load isn’t evenly distributed but we ARE all in it together – the virus is no respecter of persons, the lockdown applies to us all. The lesson from the passage this week is similar – Jesus’ call to share in his mission applies to all his friends, to us in the 21st century too. And his promise of equipping and his presence is for us all. We are expected to be “in it together” – sharing in his mission of love and service, in word and action. Of course, we won’t be doing everything the same, God uses our different gifts to reach out people in different ways. I can use my gifts, you can use yours and we complement one another – but deep down we are in mission together – and Jesus is with us by his Spirit. Some things will work, some won’t; sometimes we’ll need to change our approach – but we are to be together in mission, for Jesus’ sake, in Jesus’ strength.

Praise Will you come and follow me? CH4 533
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Pray Heavenly Father, thank you for Jesus’ commitment to this world, once again in distress with issues of race, poverty and justice needing major work as well as the ongoing concerns about the virus. Thank you that down through the centuries, and even today, there have been those who respond to your Son’s call to love and serve the world, to speak out and live out the good news of forgiveness, acceptance and love. Show us how we can play our full part and to be open to your Spirit’s guidance and equipping. Continue to watch over those who are sick and those caring for them in various settings; bless those in all walks of life who are seeking to serve the community. Give real wisdom to those involved in research, scientific advice and in positions of leadership. We pray for those in Baird Way, Fettes Way & those providing us with news, youngsters delivering papers as well as journalists and those involved in production. SILENCE Hear and answer all our prayers, spoken and unspoken, through Jesus Christ your Son. Amen. Blessing May the Lord bless you. Amen.