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Worship Sheet for Christmas Day – Not in that poor lowly stable

A very happy Christmas to you! Light in the darkness. Hope in what has been a pretty awful year. The Christmas story is still relevant – a wonder to children hearing it for the first time and to those with hearts open to experience its truth afresh.
Call: We gather on this glorious Christmas morning whether in person in the pew or at home using phone, device or printed worship sheet. This year we celebrate a little differently but we still celebrate for the child who was born all those years ago came to bring joy and hope to the world. A joy and hope that is still live today. So we come as we are wherever we are and offer our worship to Jesus. Lord, come close to us as we come close to you.
Candle We light our final advent candle - Joy to the world, the Lord has come! Jesus is the light of the world. A light that no darkness can ever put out.
We sing: Advent candles tell their story, on this Christmas Day. Those who waited for God’s glory: they prepared the way. Christ is with us: loving, giving, in us living, here today!

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Pray Heavenly Father, thank you for sending Jesus into the world to show us how much you love us. We share presents and time with family and friends, all because Jesus was born. Like Mary and Joseph we may be far away from our families, but we are glad that technology allows us to see and hear them and share in the celebrations of today with them. May we never forget the wonderful gift you have given us in Jesus and may we always choose to follow in his footsteps. Amen.

Show and Tell
Some things are different this year – we won’t all be able to gather as we would like, some won’t be mixing to stay safe – but hopefully, we’ll be in touch with friends and family and perhaps there might be one or two presents! Most people like a present and we can be excited opening them. Have you one to hold up? Maybe you can tell someone about it? But sometimes the best gifts we always have with us – a well worn or well loved toy. I’ve one here – a knitted Fireman Sam, 30 years old – not in constant use but showing signs of being well loved – knitted by an old lady for Laura with love. Jesus promises to be with us always. God’s love is with us even when we can’t feel it, even when we forget. Still with us, always!

Praise CH312 Away in a manger
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Read Luke 2:8-16 The birth of Jesus.
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Thought- It’s been a long year, a difficult year and yet looking back it is hard to credit that the first lockdown began 9 months ago. A lot has happened. 9 months Mary carried her baby, God’s Son, Jesus and she had a rocky road but she trusted God. Her baby was delivered safely and she shared in a marvellous heaven and earth welcome for him! Jesus is no longer a baby in Bethlehem. He grew up, lived and taught, suffered and died for us, and rose again and is still with us today and every day. His story may be familiar to us, but the wonder of God’s love is that it can be new and fresh for us, each Christmas, each day of our lives, if we allow the love of Jesus to break into our world, into our hearts. An old, old story that can be new every morning. Many people use Christmas as a peg on which they hang memories of joy, good times, often with friends and loved ones, some who are not with us in body, but whom we treasure in our hearts. That is good, but Christmas is even more than that. It is the beginning of Jesus’ story, joy to the world – but it isn’t the end. Even Easter isn’t the end. The story is still being written and we can be part of it – the part about how God’s love is being shared in word and action in 2020 and beyond. Jesus is still Immanuel, God with us. Let’s welcome him on Christmas Day but let’s go on welcoming him into our lives tomorrow and every day.

Praise CH4 313 See in yonder manger low v1,2 & 5.

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Pray On this special day, as people celebrate the birth of our saviour, Jesus Christ, we remember and offer our prayers for the people in our world today who need your saving grace. We pray for people, like Mary and Joseph bringing new life into the world, becoming parents with all the joys and challenges that brings. Lord, send them family and friends who can help and support them. We pray for people, like Mary and Joseph, who have left their homes behind, whether out of choice, or need, or because they have been forced out by natural disaster or human violence. Lord, send them people who can help them to find a safe space to rest and support them to find a more permanent solution. We pray for people, like Mary and Joseph who are living out of bags and don’t have all the facilities and amenities they need, or who don’t have access to medical care, or money to buy what they need. Lord, send them people who can help them to get what they need for today and beyond. Lord, in a moment’s silence we offer our prayers for the people and situations close to our hearts. SILENCE. Thank you for always promising to answer our prayers, give us patience to wait and help us to be ready to answer when you call us to serve you. In the name of the Christ Child, we pray. Amen.

Blessing May the Lord bless you. Amen.