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Worship Sheet for Sunday 27 December – The wait is worth it.

Welcome to worship – at a distance for all of us as we are not meeting in Church today. The way it has been for quite a few of you for months. I hope that you were able to make contact with friends or family over Christmas whether or not you were in person or maybe you are going to wait until things improve. Waiting is our theme today. Simeon and Anna meet Jesus the baby.
Call: This old year is almost done; but before we say farewell... let us pause and watch and wait, with the patience of Simeon and Anna, for the dawning of the promise. As one year ends, one life, one time, we continue, we come to God, we bring our memories, our hopes for the future. We bring our worship.
Candle - In case you weren’t with us on Friday, we lit the final candle – the light has come!

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Pray : Heavenly Father, we appreciate the deep joy of Christmas, yes the opportunity afforded to many of us to make contact with family and friends, albeit restricted this year), for the letters and cards as well as phone calls and contact via other devices – but also the deeper significance of the gift of your Son to be our Saviour. Many of us have had to think more profoundly this year about what matters most – and to adjust our priorities. Family and friends are right up there, our health, food, freedom to get out and about, worship – and we miss all them when they are taken from us. Thank you for those who have been looking out for us, supporting, encouraging, loving and thank you for your unfailing presence with us. Teach us, like Simeon and Anna to hold on to your promises and to be inspired to see you at work even in the darkness of this covid ridden world of ours. Help us to see Jesus and to know his love. Forgive us our shortcomings and give us the grace to forgive others theirs and bind us together in the love of your dear Son, our risen Lord and Saviour. Amen.

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Luke 2:25-38 Simeon and Anna give thanks for meeting Jesus.
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Thought- Waiting is not my strong suit, nor I suspect is it for many. We’ve had a lot of waiting this year and our waiting isn’t over yet. The calendar will change later in the week and perhaps we’ll be hoping that our fortunes in 2021 will improve. Realistically, in spite of vaccine rollout, we can expect to see restrictions in place for a good while yet. We will just have to wait. Simeon and Anna had outlived most of their contemporaries but had maintained their faith and over many decades had held on to God’s promise to them that they would see the Messiah, the Christ. It is perhaps fitting that they were to meet him in the Temple as his parents brought him for blessing. They could so easily have given up, concluded that it was all too late for them, that their life was all behind them – but no, God had promised, and his promise was sure. In a society that expects immediate answers, instant downloads, fast food and next day delivery we have grown unaccustomed to waiting. Waiting, with God, is not a waste of time, it is an opportunity for preparation, growth, learning, understanding and building of capacity, of receiving grace and blessing, of aligning ourselves with his purposes. It is still waiting, and it can still be frustrating, but it isn’t a waste. As we wait to put covid behind us, to meet, embrace, to travel without restriction, for freedom from fear let’s also use the time to open up to God and allow him to prepare for the things he wants us to be and to do in his future in 2021 and beyond. A leaf our of Anna and Simeon’s book – resting on the promises of God, looking in faith towards his future, secure in his love

Praise CH4 311 Jesus is born v 1,2 & 4.
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Pray: Christmas doesn’t go on forever – even this year, there was a need to clear the plates, wash up and tidy things away. But life goes on. For some of us life began after Christmas, quite literally and for all of us life is different because Jesus came among us. But that day is past and time moves on, and shortly we will be into another year. May we hold on to the promise – that Jesus came to bring joy to all the world remain and encourage us to hope for a better world, a world where love, joy and peace triumphs over hate, division and selfishness, where faith gets a look in and flavours life across the globe. Sustain us in our waiting (esp those up against it) and give us the grace to walk each step with you and hand in hand with others (we hope literally soon) along life’s journey with you. In our prayer walk we remember all who live or work in Melville Gardens and Gibson Place. SILENCE. Thank you, Lord, that you keep your promises – hear and answer our prayers for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Blessing May the Lord bless you. Amen.