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Worship Sheet for Sunday 23 August – Who am I ? asks Jesus.
In Matthew Chapter 16 Jesus invites his disciples to tell him who people say Jesus is and then invites them to share their personal view. Peter jumps in there and confesses Jesus as the Christ. Perhaps he didn’t fully understand the implications and he was to come a cropper soon but what a wonderful confession of faith!

Call: We, who are members of the one body, join together to praise God.
We, who are blessed with the gift of grace, join together to sing of God’s glory.
We, who are part of the family of God, join together to affirm Jesus as Lord. Let us worship God together.

Mini Service
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Pray: Lord, we probably think we know ourselves very well and our close friends pretty well too and quite a few of us are fortunate to have known you, not just stories ABOUT you, but known your love and care over the years. Thank you for all that but we pray for the many who don’t really know you much at all, beyond the name, Jesus (and lots of people misuse that). We are so grateful that your Son is real to us – makes a difference to our lives, for as well as being your Son he is our friend. Help us to be willing to speak up for him when we get the chance, to show how much he means to us by the way we live our lives, perhaps prompting friends to ask why we think of Jesus as we do. He’s more than a good man, teacher or figure of history – help us to get across that he is living, relevant and Lord for the 21st century as much for the 1st. Lord, it’s good to be able to give the right answers about who Jesus is, but it’s even more important that we live in the light of that. We feel for Peter when he let you down after such a wonderful confession, but we mess up too and need not only your forgiveness but acceptance. Take us with our faults and use us for your glory we pray. And hear us as we pray together your special prayer: Our Father…. Amen.

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Matthew 16 verses 13-20. Peter’s confession of Jesus as Son of the Living God.
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Thought: I like Peter, though I suspect he must have had Jesus tearing his hair out. He was rash, often jumping in with two feet (literally once, into the sea) but he was well meaning. His heart was in the right place. And when given the chance to give his tuppenceworth about who did HE think Jesus was, as opposed to canvassing public opinion, he was right in about: You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God! Wow. No beating around the bush. Top notch answer, yes indeed. But while it was a brilliant answer, Peter didn’t fully appreciate what that meant. He was shortly to come down with a bump when Jesus talked again about his need to go to Jerusalem, to suffer and die. No way said Peter. But he had forgotten that no one can really say and mean Lord, if it is prefaced by NO. Lord, implies our willingness to say YES, to DO what our Lord requires. It was early days and Peter was to have his ups and downs and learn from them, and learn more of Jesus’ forgiveness and acceptance. And so do we. We won’t always get it right. We’ll let Jesus down but live to tell the tale. Let’s learn from our mistakes and look to Jesus to help us not just to SAY the right thing but in his strength to DO it too!

Praise: CH4 458 At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow esp v 1 & 2.
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Pray: Heavenly Father, we can all think of some shining examples of the Christian faith- names like Mother Teresa whose lives not just their words exemplified their faith. And we could come up with others, much less well known, who we’ve looked up to as your servants – who have shed light on your Son by their words and deeds. Work in us all, by your Spirit, that we may be able to speak and live for Jesus in an honest and genuine way that is prompted by Jesus’ love for us and which touches our neighbours in a meaningful way. Lord, sections of the society are not well disposed to your Son – we don’t want a fight, we don’t wish to trade insults but we do want the good news of Jesus and his love to transform lives and this world for good. People don’t need to be Christian to care for their neighbour; we don’t have a monopoly of loving kindness but having Jesus at the back of it all makes a difference. Continue to watch over the sick and those caring for them, help those struggling with loneliness or worry; bless all ramping up on opening and help those dealing with all kinds of backlog. In our prayer walk we pray for South & Ferryden congregation and who live in their parish and to the south of Montrose. SILENCE
Lord hear our prayers spoken and silent and answer them for the sake of your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen Blessing May the Lord bless you. Amen.