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Worship Sheet for Sunday 30 August – Peter gets it wrong.
After his wonderful confession of Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God, we have Peter putting his foot in it, trying to dissuade Jesus from going to Jerusalem. Jesus was offended. He saw the devil behind it. “Get behind me Satan”! We must all learn to lay aside our own preferences in favour of Jesus’ plans.

Call: Come, women and men of faith, come young and old, come to worship Jesus, Son of God
Come, not because you are always right, but because you are always loved.

Come, even when you have let the side down, because Jesus wants to forgive and bless you.
Mini Service
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Pray: Lord, there are times when we are quite proud of ourselves, when we’ve had some success or achieved something. Celebrating success isn’t wrong in itself but we need to watch because “pride comes before a fall”. Like Peter, we can lose sight of our priorities, forget that we don’t call the shots and we certainly don’t know better than you. Like Peter, we can mess up from the best of motives – imagining that our way would make life easier for others, to save them trouble – but YOUR way is for the best, even when it involves costly service. Help us to understand that there are no shortcuts when it comes to following your Son; service and self giving are intrinsic to discipleship, just as the cross, suffering and death were key to our salvation. There will be brighter days ahead, but in these times of struggle and restriction, when weariness is apt to creep in, sustain us by your grace and enliven our bodies, minds and spirits that we may thrive in your company and be energised by your love. Keep us together in you and with one another and may the bonds of love that bind us together be made stronger for the sake of Jesus, who taught us to pray together saying: Our Father…

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Matthew 16 verses 21 – 28. Peter is rebuked for trying to get Jesus to avoid Jerusalem.
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Thought: After his glorious confession of Jesus as the Christ, Peter comes down to earth with a clatter. No doubt, seeking to spare Jesus suffering and death he urges Jesus to avoid to Jerusalem and the dangers which faced him there. But he hadn’t thought things through. He was forgetting WHY Jesus must go to the capital. Not as a sightseer or tourist but because he MUST – he had to because the salvation of the world depended on it. His suffering and death was bring forgiveness and new life to us all. Unwittingly, Peter, was tempting Jesus to turn his back on his life’s work, on his heavenly Father’s plan and purpose and to frustrate our salvation. Jesus’ words seem harsh: “Get behind me, Satan!” and I’m sure they weren’t meant personally, but Jesus sees the bigger picture, he saw what was at stage in the encouragement to avoid the cross and sees his arch enemy the Devil behind Peter’s seemingly innocuous steer. It’s not for us to set policy for the kingdom of God, our task is to implement it. Jesus is open to us reasoning with him, provided we are open to DOING his will and often he will be extremely patient and understanding, giving us time to more fully appreciate his plans and purposes, but sometimes it can come home to us in quite striking terms that we mustn’t deny or attempt to frustrate the advance of the gospel and of his purposes (however well-intentioned we might be). Let’s be open to following Jesus’ lead – even when the path is steep and rugged – he will give us the grace we need to play our part – and as with Peter will forgive us when we mess up and continue to allow us to share in his work.

Praise: CH4 255 Father, hear the prayer we offer esp v1,2 & 4
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Pray: Heavenly Father, following your Son is not always easy and can sometimes we a real struggle. Remind us that we DON’T know better than Jesus. Give us all we need to hold firm to following his lead and to further his plans. Give us a greater sense of your presence esp when we are wearied or unsure; encourage us and help us to rely on one another too. Bless the work of your Church in these difficult days. Show us the steps we must take to remain relevant to our changing society yet true to your purposes. Bless the efforts to find a vaccine and treatments for Covid. Bless too the resumption of treatments and tests for other conditions. Help us to support those who have been hit hard perhaps even neglected over these months and keep in our hearts and minds those overseas as well as here those who are still at risk of losing everything. In our prayer walk we pray the “parish to the East” those working offshore. SILENCE
Lord hear our prayers spoken and silent and answer them for the sake of your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen Blessing May the Lord bless you. Amen.