Worship Sheet for Sunday 17 May – Love goes on

As Jesus comes towards the end of his earthly life he promises his followers that he will go on loving them and that he will give them the gift of the Spirit to help them (and us) to go on loving him.

Call God of love, as Jesus reminded his disciples that love is always the answer, love us,
receive our imperfect response and our lack of love, receive our reactions and our worship.
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Pray Lord, everyone likes to receive a gift and perhaps more slowly we learn the worth of giving others gifts too. Remind us we never grow out of being your children and you still delight to give us good things. Help us to value the gift of love – from friends and family – but also from you, our loving heavenly Father. In the midst of uncertain times when so much of what we took as “normal” has been taken from us help us to treasure and to share the love we have been privileged with – human and divine – and to be on the lookout for opportunities to share and multiply your goodness. Receive us with our differing attitudes and needs and open us to the generous and self-giving love that prompted your Son to lay down his life for us and which he longs to give us still. Forgive us all our faults and failings, even at times our misplaced sense of self sufficiency – which may well have taken a dent in recent weeks – sustain us through these times of trial and make us more alert to the ways in which we can pass on your loving kindness so that our lives display in fuller measure the abundance of your reign of love in Jesus your Son. Hear us as pray the Lord’s Prayer: Our Father… Amen.

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John Chapter 14:15-21. Love from Jesus – and a promise of a Helper.
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Thought We all like gifts. Jesus promises his friends a parting gift – the gift of a helper, accompanier, friend who will remain even after he returns to his heavenly Father. We will think more of the Spirit in a fortnight, at Pentecost. But as a taster, as a heads up, Jesus gives the disciples (and us) notice that he would give this wonderful personal gift. And he tells how that will happen. He will get the Father to send the Spirit once he returns to be with his Father in heaven. We don’t need to pay anything; the Spirit will be Jesus’ free gift to his friends. But there is a way for us to receive him. We need to be open to love Jesus and others for his sake. And the way we demonstrate that is by obeying his commandments – and above all the commandment to love one another. Love is not the price to be paid, rather the channel by which we are open to God and his gifts. Jesus is the epitome of loving kindness. If we are not interested in his love, if we are not minded to shape our lives (or have them shaped) by his love then we simply wouldn’t be interested in this gift he promised, because the Spirit’s sole aim is to bring glory to the Son and to encourage us to love him. Love is the free gift from God, and it is also our response to all that Jesus has done for us. Love grows as it is shared. May we be more open to all that he has for us by loving Jesus and others for his sake.

Praise A New Commandment Mission Praise 1
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Pray Heavenly Father, for you many gifts, large and small we truly thank you. Help us to show our gratitude by being willing to share your loving kindness with others, to be alert to the opportunities to extend our horizons of care and to test out the ground where we might sow seeds of the kingdom. Help us to be more aware of your Holy Spirit’s presence in our midst – and to be open to the encouragement and guidance he offers. Above all, that he might point us to Jesus and keep us close, ever watchful of the openings to support others in their need with the gifts of your love, both spiritual and practical. Gracious Father, you understand our fears and anxieties. You are not remote but are with us by your Spirit and long to enfold us in your love. Uppermost in the minds of most of us is the virus and its continued impact on our health and well being, indeed on the whole of life. Draw near to us all, our loved ones, our neighbours and communities the world over. Be present esp with those who are under particular pressure – in health and care settings; in the forefront of the public; those at greatest risk, health inc mental health, economic, from violence. Give wisdom to all who lead in govt, industry and community and show us all how to be patient and understanding. In our prayer walk we pray for all in Coronation Way and in pharmacies.

Hear and answer all our prayers, spoken and unspoken, through Jesus Christ your Son. Amen.
Blessing May the Lord bless you. Amen.