If you wish to give contact details so that we might organise a phone contact system or if you wish to offer others help, cards will be available though there will be some safeguarding restrictions.

Some people get anxious about their Church envelope so yes that can be dropped off too!

I have prepared a sermon which I hope to record and will prepare prayers and provide links on this website and our Facebook pages so that they can be downloaded. In place of Take 2 material, I plan to produce a single sheet handout with a thought for the day, short prayers and a reading which will be similarly uploaded and some hard copies made available for pickup. Some might wish to download the sheet and pass it on to a friend who doesn’t use the internet. There are also services on the radio.

Hard though people will find it, advice on funerals is that only close family should attend though undertakers may have further information.

The above is subject to change according to the advice prevalent at the time.
Please stay safe, find a way of getting in touch safely if you need help. Do pray and be assured that folks are praying for you. God bless you.
With love and prayers, Ian
Jesus said “I will be with you always”